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Stop struggling. Start GROWing!

Learn to tackle major problems effectively

Whatever your goal, whatever your skills, whatever your resources, and whatever other challenges you face, the GROW model can help you make major progress towards your goals.

GROW is a model for problem solving and goal achievement. The initials stand for the five stages of GROW, which are: Goal, Reality, Obstacles, Options and Way Forward. (GROOW would be more accurate but it doesn't work as a name!)

Watch a video about the GROW model here

GROW is easy to use, and personal to you.

As you try GROW for yourself- you will the way of using it that works for you.

On these pages, you will find information and advice that has helped many people to succeed and achieve their goals.

GROW is well proven and used all over the world.

Hi, my name is Bob Griffiths, and I am a coach based in London. My clients are in Europe and the States as well as in the UK. I am passionate about the GROW model and have used it for many years. I have seen GROW help nearly a thousand people achieve some quite remarkable things. The purpose of this site is to help you use GROW for yourself.

The GROW model is particularly helpful if you are stuck and don't know what to do next. GROW will get you going again and make significant progress in a short time.

Using the power of GROW you will discover

Please have a look around the site. If you place your cursor on any of the stages in the logo above, you will see some of the questions you use at each stage of the process. If you would like to know more about a particular stage, just click on the Learn more link for each stage, or use the menu. Once you have completed a stage, you go onto the next until you finish with the actions you will take to move forward.

Feel free to use the GROW process on any problem, issue or challenge that you are facing. I hope you enjoy the process. If you have any problems, questions or issues about GROW please feel free to get in contact. I am always interested to hear how you are getting along. If you would like to know about my business or life coaching services or would like to work on a specific problem using GROW please get in touch. If you would like to sign up for my newsletter please do so here.

Contact for further information

For further information, demonstrations and sales email or call +44 (0)207 787 8599

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Bob Griffiths is a life and business coach and author of 'Grow your own Carrot'. He specialises in helping individuals lift their performance especially when they are stuck. Based in London he works with a wide variety of individuals including actors and professionals in the UK and internationally
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