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What is CoachMaster software?

CoachMaster is both a tool for real time coaching and a development platform for coaches and other experts to develop coaching processes and make them available to a worldwide audience.

How CoachMaster works

Watch this video to see CoachMaster in operation.

CoachMaster as a Coaching Tool

CoachMaster is the world's first online system to provide advice and guidance to coaches as they coach.

It provides:

Benefits of using CoachMaster

How CoachMaster can be used:

If CoachMaster is used for phone or video coaching the coach can keep notes of the dicsussion on the system and share them with the client(s)in real time. This means there is still a complete record of the session for supervision and learning purposes.

CoachMaster can provide:

CoachMaster as a development platform

CoachMaster is extremely customisable and can be used as a development platform for coaches and other experts to make their knowledge available to whole new audiences. Although the 'standard' version of CoachMaster uses the GROW coaching model it is very straightforward to reprogramme the system with a completely different model for any situation where there is a need for coaching. All areas of business and personal development where one person can work with another to help them are open for exploration. CoachMaster can be used to coach on subjects as diverse as weight loss to selling skills. There really is no limit to the areas that can be addressed.

Using CoachMaster a coach or subject matter expert can:

The Technical stuff

CoachMaster is 'software as a service' so there are few technical requirements.

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