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Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a structured program to enhance employee performance either individually, or in groups. Each program is individual and created to meet organisational and business needs. It may be conducted face to face, over the telephone, through video conferencing or email.

What is the value of Business Coaching

Many courses offer training in the skills necessary to manage well. However the reality is often that when individuals return to their own surroundings there is little support to practice what has been learnt. In addition day to day work can often bring up challenges that have not been foreseen.

Left to our own devices it is easy to avoid uncomfortable situations or deal with them using old patterns that are no longer effective. This is where a coach steps in. By providing the necessary support at the moment when it is most needed you can ensure optimal results for the organisation and the individual.

Business coaching programmes usually cover:

My consultancy organisation RGA Services has a wide experience in providing executive coaching and mentoring to both individuals and corporate groups. Our clients have come from a wide variety of sectors including retail, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and manufacturing.

A partial client list includes:

We devise workshops around your identified team building, performance management, communication, leadership and change management needs. Our coaches are skilled facilitators and trainers, adept at working with key individuals to maximise strengths and overcome limiting behaviours. We take an action-centred approach and focus on the issues essential for success in the 'real' world.

As well as offering individual coaching Bob runs workshops to teach managers the key skills needed to be an effective coach.

If you would like to find out more about Bob's business coaching services and the programs for organisations please contact him on 0207 787 8599 or email .

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